Schedule for Systems Posted on Google Calendar

Message from Mark Wooten:

Hello all,
We have now posted the Final Exam grades, which should be able to be accessed by all students who have:
1. Fulfilled at least 70% of electronic surveys for the weekly lecturer evaluations, and
2. Filled out the end of course evaluations
The class average was 85%
We should have Quiz 7 up on Monday, and hopefully followed by the Final Grade. Have a great weekend.....

R. Mark Wooten, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Dept. of Medical Microbiology and Immunology
University of Toledo Health Science Campus
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419-383-6649 (office)
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I&I Exam 2 11/14 1-4:45 PM 170Q

Review Summaries uploaded for your convenience, includes cases, updated antimicrobials (including weekly projects), and fungus guide.

Dr. Ree's Objectives Up

7 Oct 2008
I used the notes from last year as a base to work with for this year ... he went through a lot of them very fast, so these notes will provide a better base of information, please edit them as you see fit. I've also updated the schedule for the next two weeks, will get the rest of the unit up when I get the chance.
Transplantation Lecture
I & I Front Page

Streptococcus Objectives

Hey everyone, the objectives for Sep. 5's lectures were left out of our notes and WebCT, so I asked Dr. Sledjeski for them, and here they are!
Strep 1:

1. Define how different species of Streptococcus are differentiated and classified.
2. Discuss how group A b-hemolytic (GABHS) streptococcal infections are diagnosed, transmitted and treated.
3. Review the relevant virulence factors involved with group A streptococcal pathogenesis.
4. List the clinical, pathophysiological and epidemiological features that distinguish oropharyngeal infections caused by GABHS.
5. Review the clinical manifestation, progression, and treatment of GABHS pyoderma.
6. List the clinical, pathophysiological and epidemiological features that distinguish invasive GABHS infections of soft tissue and muscle
7. Recognize the clinical presentation, pathophysiology, and possible treatments for Streptococcal Toxic Shock Syndrome (STSS).
8. Understand the clinical manifestation, progression, and treatment of GABHS sequelae; in particular, Acute Rheumatic Fever (ARF) and Acute Poststreptococcal Glomerulonephritis (APSGN).

Strep 2:

1. Discuss the classification and microbiological characteristics of group B streptococci (GBS) and Streptococcus pneumonaie (Pneumococcus).
Explain how GBS infections are diagnosed, transmitted and treated.
Review the relevant virulence factors involved with GBS pathogenesis.
List the clinical, pathophysiological and epidemiological features that distinguish early onset and late onset neonatal disease caused by GBS.
Explain how Pneumococcal infections are diagnosed, transmitted and treated.
Review the relevant virulence factors involved with S. pneumoniae pathogenesis.
Describe the clinical, pathophysiological and epidemiological features that distinguish pneumococcal pneumoniae.
Discuss the clinical, pathophysiological and epidemiological features that distinguish pneumococcal meningitis.
Describe the role of pneumococcal capsule as a vaccine target.

Infection and Immunity Page Added

Hey guys, I've added the schedule for the first six weeks as well as required books and attendance on the block 6 page. You can get to the block 6 page by clicking I&I on the left hand side under year 2, or here. I'll link today's lectures with notes/objectives (not much) within the hour.

MS2 Textbook List

The following is the booklist for Fall 2008 MS2, as written by Dr. Wooten on his book info request to the UT bookstore.
9780815340935 The immune system - parham, p. - 2nd ed(2005)
9780721606309 Problem-based microbiology, nath, sk; Revankar, sg -
20069780815341451 Case Studies in Immunology, Geha, R; Rosen, F - 5th ed(2007)
9780198566601 Human Virologyh, Collier, L - 3rd ed
9780323033039 Medical Microbiology, Murray, PR Rosenthal - 2005
9780071451536 Basic and Clinical Pharmacology Katzung, BG 10th - (2007) I was told NOT to buy old editions of the case studies, since cases are number referenced.


1000 Medical Mnemonics .pdf

I picked this up on the Student Doctor Network, it's a .pdf file with ~1000 medical mnemonics. Worth a look.

Neuro Reserve Exams

The neuro reserve exams from the library have been scanned and uploaded. They are available here:
direct download:

alternate download sites:

Links to Animations on Academic Intranet

PT Fossa Animations
Larynx Animation

Block 2 Grade calculator

Destress a little. Or get stressed a lot. Either way take some time off this weekend.

celeritas' possibly not-so-helpful attempt to help out the MS1 class

8 January 2008
Hello, this is the guy who tried to get a wiki together for the 2010 class. I've been doing some objectives and such for MS2 on google documents and am hoping to work out a way to get them transfered easily for all your MS1's for the next year. More news when I figure out how to get it available to you guys.

Also, I had made a pilot wikispaces with a smaller group of people that worked out pretty well for the second half of last year but I haven't had the chance to transfer everything over to the big 2010 wiki page. You can check out for the Block 2 (except for Unit 1) and Block 3 where there are more-or-less completed objectives for more-or-less every lecture. Since those objectives are essentially all done for you, you guys should have a blast.

I'm especially proud of my own handmade "notes" that I made for Dr. Morse's lectures (found through a link on Dr. Morse's objectives), which, if you haven't had any yet, are essentially him talking with the Netter's book. So nobody gets to make fun of my poor spelling.

Hopefully, since the stuff at already in wiki-format, your class can just transfer it over to your own site as you go through the spring semester, making adjustments for your year's lecture schedules and such.


Happy New Year! Updated Block 2, PBL Pages

1 January 2008
Happy new year everyone! I hope you're all having a wonderful break, enjoy it while you can as classes start again next week. I'm sure this is going to be a great year, and I'm going to start it off by being more actively involved in this site. I've updated the Block 2 page with the second unit schedule, and the PBL page with the segment 2 schedule. The new assigned groups are up as well, and I have uploaded the pdf of the group assignments.

This year I hope to upload objectives before lectures, and add notes to the page as lectures progress, and the lecture should be objectified within a day or two. Feel free to help out, add content, and suggest study aids as you've done all year! It's been a great help for everyone! Keep an eye out for typos and conceptual mistakes I may have. Also let me know if you have trouble accessing the site and editing/adding content. Again, have a happy new year, and I'll see you all in a week!

Not that it will make a difference at this point...

But I really like this embryo site. I wanted to review body cavity formation, and this was just what I needed. It doesn't go into great depth, but it uses a brief narrative format with a combo of color-coded pictures and diagrams in both transverse and longitudinal sections. I haven't fully explored the site, but if you're still hung up on any of the embryo, this might shed some light on it. And hey, what else can you possibly learn from your notes at this point? :)

I did the body cavities section in about 10 minutes, and I feel better about it now.

Another Embryo Site

This provides labeled views of the transverse and longitudinal progressions of the embryo. It is from a site that Baptista gave us on WebCT, but if you're having problems with the 3D aspects of Yeasting's lectures, or if you simply want a succinct review, this is a great site.

Embryo Site

I found a pretty helpful embryo site.
It goes through in a nice logical sequence and has good detail. Thought it would be worth sharing for anyone that was still trying to piece everything together (like me).

AMSA Free Online Anatomy Access

AMSA members have free access to an online anatomy program here: efits.cfm#winkingskull
All you need is your 6 digit ID and your name.

Lecture Notes Posted For Intro, Nervous System, Back Lectures

6 November 2007
I posted my notes from Friday's and Monday's lecture in outline format under the relevant links on the Block 2 page.

Classes Canceled Wednesday (Nov 7), No Gross Labs This Week - Scheduling Changes

5 November 2007
It is with great sadness that one of our classmates, Jonathan Rowe, has passed away last week.
- Visitation is on Tuesday from 4-8 PM at the Folk Funeral Home in Marion, OH.
- Memorial service is Wednesday at 10:30 AM at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Marion.
- Campus memorial service is scheduled for Thursday at 4 PM in HEB 100.

Classes are canceled Wednesday in light of the memorial service on Wednesday. Due to this, there have been many scheduling changes. The changes for this week are as follows:
- PBL will be canceled and will not be made up.
- Dr. Crissman's Integument lectures will be moved back to Thursday at 10, Friday at 10, and Friday afternoon at 1.
- The Ethics discussion will become a large group discussion immediately follow Tuesday's session from 2-2:30
- The gross lab orientation will immediately follow FCP at 2:30-3 PM.
- The Block 1 Exam review is scheduled from 3-4 PM on Tuesday.
- Gross anatomy labs will be moved back from this Thursday to next Tuesday.

There are many more changes throughout the Block as the labs are rearranged to fit the schedule. The full schedule changes are attached below, and have been updated on the wiki Block 2 page.


Block 2 Page Updated With Unit 1 Schedule

4 November 2007
I've posted the schedule for unit 1 up on the Block 2 page. Reminder that we have voted to move Quiz 1 up one week to November 19 at 8:30 AM, and will switch Dr. Hankin's lecture on the skeletal system to November 26 at 10 AM. There may be other scheduling changes, and will be updated as they arise. Also remember Dr. CBC wants to have an orientation to gross anatomy lab this Wednesday before the FCP session, so remember to be in room 100 at 1 PM this Wednesday. The first labs start Thursday (odd tables) and Friday (even tables)

Also, I've linked the lectures in Block 2 to blank pages. I'm going to be filling in the blanks with my notes/outline from the lectures, feel free to edit or take the initiative and add your own notes. I'm working on adding my notes from FCP to the wiki, but if anyone already has notes or study guides that they are willing to share, please post them as well. Help each other out! Don't forget we have an FCP exam next Tuesday!

If you have any questions about posting to the wiki site, please read the tutorial and FAQ page (first link on the left under "Other Links") or e-mail/message me.

Cicila Help on Coefficient of Inbreeding vs The probability of inheriting a deleterious allele

I posted something I made showing the math for both problems on the wiki under his lecture under block 1. here is a link to the page.

Final Exam Review Materials

I posted the pathophysiology review sheet that Miranda Hillard, Peter Farrell, and I compiled. It is an exhaustive list of all of the diseases from this unit, however the 4th unit material is from last year's wiki, we did not type that on our own. I will post my list from this unit once I am finished with it. The link to this material is under Block 1 where the final exam is listed. If you have any questions about the material just let me know.
Courtney Strohacker

Dideoxy sequencing

I was confused by this during lecture, and found this nifty flash that makes it very straightforward.

Vitamin Spreadsheet

I uploaded an excel sheet on all the vitamins. The info is taken straight from the lecture slides- I found it handy to review it by typing it out and thought I'd share the fruits of my labor. I did most of the lecture objectives for Dignam by hand, but if I have time to type them up I'll post them this afternoon.


Useful Lipoprotein Website

I found this website really useful for interpreting the confusing diagrams in the Trumbly lectures for lipid transport and lipoprotein metabolism. Hope it helps someone!

The root page, although I haven't looked at the other topics, looks like it will have some pretty applicable stuff for the Dignam lectures, too


RBC Metabolism notes posted

I typed up a 5 page outline of Dignam's RBC Metab lectures, listed under Block 1 > Unit 3 > Review Materials > RBC Metabolism Outline.

I rearranged the info in a way that makes better sense to me, and maybe it will make better sense to you, too. Either way, it's good to see the info presented in multiple formats. If you look it over and find that I have mistakes, please email me a correct me. I'm started to do the same with his Amino Acid lectures, but haven't gotten around to finishing it. I'll post it when I'm done.


FCP Ethics Book Posted as PDF

Check out the FCP page for a pdf of the book, one of our required readings for today.

FCP JAMA Article and Learning Module Link Posted

Check out the FCP page for a pdf of the JAMA article that people are having trouble downloading. I also posted the page for the learning modules. Hope that helps.

Manning study material

I've added my own doodle for all 5 of manning's lectures ( 1 page/lecture), including a Glucagon Vs Insulin page. They are under Block 1 Unit 2 review. Hope they help.

Biochem tutorials

http://higheredbcs.wiley.c om/legacy/college/boyer/04 71661791/animations/animat ions.htm?newwindow=true
-courtesy of Laura

Vocab Week 3 & 4 - Cartilage, Bone, Muscle

I put my vocab lists up under block 1, week 3 and 4 "Review Materials," help yourself for some last minute quizzing. Apparently some people had trouble with the last vocab file. If you have trouble opening it, try clicking "save" instead of open, then open excel on your computer, select "file">"open">filename. If you still are having trouble, sorry, computers are finicky sometimes! If you figure out a way to open it other than what I suggested, please post instructions for people.
- Andrew

Muscle PowerPoints in Black and White

I posted the muscle powerpoints in black and white so that there is a white background instead of a black background so all the text can be read in black and so it is printable. It is posted under block 1, muscle lecture. Enjoy! -Courtney S.

Muscle PowerPoints

I posted the muscle powerpoints texts part of the lecture under block 1, muscle lecture. Here's a link. I'll try to put the picture part of the powerpoint (left side of the screen) up later today, the internet in class sucks. The text part is for all 3 muscle lectures.

Private Wiki/Resource Group

Hello, I'm looking for a few people interested in actively sharing and posting current information/objectives/notes/study guides to form a yahoo group or something just to make life a little easier in the waste of time it takes to do all the work for all the lectures. Old objectives are nice but they're not all that complete or up to date or well organized. If anyone is interested in sharing new information please send me an email and I can add you to the group. Very few people are posting this kind of information on this wiki--maybe its just not our style i dont really know. So if anybody wants to try something different, in a communal yahoo group of sorts--where everyone contributes, email me at We can split up the work load in organizing the information and spend more time memorizing it. I hope this didn't come off as a diss to this wiki because I think its very helpful, its just not serving the purposes I thought it would. I just wanted to throw out another option in case anybody was interested in this type of group.

Bone Remodeling Program

This is hopefully the direct link to Crissman's Bone remodeling program... somebody try it and let me know if it works. You'll probably have to log in:

Essential Amino Acids

If you were looking for the Essential Amino Acids or a way to remember them, I stole this from Wikipedia.
"Nine amino acids are generally regarded as essential for humans. They are: isoleucine, leucine, lysine, threonine, tryptophan, methionine, histidine, valine and phenylalanine. A mnemonic used to remember these acids runs: I Like Licking Toads That Make Hallucinations Very Possible."

These are the same 9 that Dr. William's lecture identifies as essential on p36 of her lecture. If you weren't at the review session, she does want us to know which is essential but the structures of the individual AAs will not be stressed.

Vocab Review

I've been creating a vocab list as I went along of words/terms I wanted to make sure to remember. For each word I've put in a column "what" the thing is, "where" it can be found, and "why" it's important. This parallels Dr. Crissman's Location-Function-Morphology theme he has for everything he talks about, but omits the morphology part. I have that on a different list, and if anyone's interested I can post it, too. Neither are exhaustive lists, but they have a lot of the vocab from Epithelial and Connective tissue labs, as well as other misc.

I uploaded it (I think) next to the "Review" part under "Block One". Feel free to add words to the list.

John, or whoever understands this page better than me, maybe you could make a link for "review" like you did for each of the lectures, then stick my file under that. That would lend a bit more cohesiveness to the format. Further, maybe that would be a good place for Ro's drug and disease lists.

Your technologically challenged classmate,

Thanks for putting together that vocab list. For anybody that is having trouble opening it, open Microsoft Excel and go to File --> Open and at the bottom make sure you set it to look for "all files." If you click on the vocab list it should come up in Excel normally.

See you all on Tuesday,

Logging into WebSP

28 August 2007
Hey I hope this helps you get your password and log into WebSP.
1. Open WebSP in another window.
2. On the bottom right of the page, click "Forgotten password >>"
3. Enter your meduohio email* (eg. and click "Send"
*Your meduohio name is what you use to log into myUT.
4. Check your UT email (
5. You should receive a password. Use it to log into WebSP.
6. Once logged in, click on "Settings" on the upper right of the page and change your password.
If you still have any problems logging in, join the discussion here and I'll try my best to help you.

BRS Histo QBank CD

26 August 2007
I'll be giving Jeremy Klein and Katie Treuhaft a copy of the cd on Monday. If anyone else wants one please email me ( or talk to Jeremy or Katie. Also last years kids have a comprehensive pathology/disease list on their page and I was thinking we could put together a drug list (not just names, but their function and what they treat etc.) If anyone is interested in helping out please email me so i could split up the list with you guys. Below is the list of drugs they have from last year, please add to it any drugs they missed if you catch any. It wouldnt take very long to make a comprehensive list just copy and paste from different objectives, but i think it would be helpful if not for the unit 1 exam at least for the comp. anyways email me or make an announcement for whichever ones you want to do so we can split them up.

Good luck studying

Drug List:
Acetylcholinesterase inhibitors
Antimycin A
Cardiotonic steriods
Colchicine (Colcemid)
Epinephrine/norepinephrine (effect on adipocytes)
Insulin (effect on adipocytes)
2,4 Dinitrophenol
Taxol (Paclitaxel)
Vinblastine (Vincristine)
- Ro

Objectives for 07 Anyone?

25 August 2007
Is anyone interested in posting objectives that you're typing out from this year? Also, I have a BRS book for Histo/Cell Bio and its written by the authors of our text and parallels with the text, and it comes with this question bank cd. The questions aren't too difficult or anything but it helps reinforce some concepts. If anyone wants a copy please email me at and let me know.
- Ro

Block 1 Page Updated

24 August 2007
Hey guys, I think JP beat me to posting some old exams, but I posted a some more--especially old exams for the future blocks too. Hope they help. Have a great weekend.
-Minal (Tapadia)

Block 1 Page Updated

24 August 2007
In addition to posting the old exams, I've added the full Block 1 schedule. Each lecture is linked to it's own wiki page, with opportunities for you to contribute to the wiki site by adding notes, objectives, links, etc to each lecture by simply clicking "Edit Page". Each page also has it's own discussion board (see the top of the page) which you can also use to ask lecture specific questions. I've also linked the wiki pages from last year's wiki "2006 Notes" so you can use it for even more study material.

Image Review CDs in Back of Room, Old Exams from the 90s Posted on Block 1 Page

24 August 2007
Just a reminder that I've placed more CDs in the back of the room by the signup sheets. if you need them or want to run Histology Image Review off the CD (read the announcement below). I've also reposted the old exams from 1997, 1998, and 1999 on the Block 1 page. Remember when going through the old exam to not worry about material we haven't covered, and to get a general idea of what concepts are tested. By no means are they a final guide to studying, they are 10 year old exams after all. That said, some questions may be recycled.

Have a great day!

Histology Image Review CD Update

You may have noticed, but the CDs I gave out at the end of class had only one file, which when you run it, extracts the files and runs the setup. You have to do a FULL install with this file. The CDs I am bringing tomorrow should be copies of the original CDs so you can run off the CD if you want. Sorry for any confusion. Either CD should install the program fine.

Some of you have asked what the CD is and why it's useful. It's called "Histology Image Review" It's another searchable resource for you to study from, and if you read Dr. Crissman's lab manual, some of the slides from the exam may be pulled from images on this CD. So it doesn't hurt to familiarize yourself with the CD.

If you still haven't been able to run the CD (due to Vista compatibility, etc), let me know in the discussion below. I'll do my best to see if I can help you. Try right clicking the file and clicking the second option, "Run as administrator." And yes, even though this is the original CD, it is still PC only. The CD is from 1997 apparently =)


Histology CD

Here is the link to download the histology CD.
The password is: UT2011

I apologize in advance if there are any issues with the host, it was the only one I could find that would take a file this size.
Extract the file using WinZip (or a similar utility). Save everything to your hard drive. Run the full install to your hard drive.

(Thanks for uploading the file! That should help a lot. I'm also bringing about 30 CDs today after class so stick around, I'll bring more CDs tomorrow before class -John)

EDIT: I just found out that it split the file into 4 parts that you'll have to download individually and merge on your own. (that kind of sucks) I'll see if I can't find a better host tonight.


Email Client Configuration (Outlook, OSX Mail)

Here's an FAQ page to help you set up your e-mail clients if you haven't done so already.
The incoming and outcoming servers are
I'll work on posting the histology CD so you can download it during class.

Links to Active X and Webslide downloads, courtesy of Dr. Crissman

"Here is the link to the websites for the downloads of Active X and Webslide Browers. /general/Downloads.html
You don't need a Bacus Labs site to check if it's working just go to the any of the virtual lab manual topics and open a slide.- Dr. C"

FYI, if you don't remember where those were, follow this chain of clicks...
Login to WebCT > INDI775 Cellular and Molecular Biology > Lab > Cytology > Cytology Lab Manual > [MCO 0004]
At the end of the trail you should find a picture of a mitochondria that you can right click on to zoom, label, etc.

If you would like further direction on how to download/install/test these programs, email me or talk to me in class and I'll email you files that give explicit instructions.
- Andrew

Downloading Lecture Audio

If you're having trouble downloading the lecture audio to your PC to play in a media player (trouble with direct downloads or log-in issues). Open the file in your browser (it will run in quicktime) and let it download completely in your browser. Then go to File and Save Page As. You can then save the MP3 or Podcast to your hard drive and play it in the media player of your choice.

If you are consistently having trouble accessing the files and can't get past the log-in box, e-mail:
(there was a problem with my account that prevented me from accessing the audio at all and they were able to fix it)

Passcards are in

The passcards that allow us to swipe into buildings and lounges are in at the security office. The office is beneath the library building.

Useful site to get definitions

I thought this was a useful site, not sure if this is the proper venue for sharing it.

Add in this one- the Stedman's Online Medical Dictionary

Instructions to get UT email through Gmail

Go to Gmail
Select "settings" in upper right
Select "Accounts"
Under “Send mail as:
Select "Add Another e-mail address:"
Type in the e-mail address and the name it should display when sending.
Then select between:
-Reply from the same address the message was sent to. (This will allow you to reply to e-mails with your UT address)
-Reply from the same address the message was sent to. (This will send all e-mails from your gmail)

Under "Get mail from other accounts:"
Select "Add another mail account"
Provide the e-mail address, then your login info
-The login is the same you use to check your UT mail (FirstinitialLastname or abbreviation of your last name)
-The default POP and mail settings are fine.
-you may select your options per your discretion.

IT Presentation Added

15 August 2007
Habib posted the IT powerpoint shown today at orientation.
File Not Found
File Not Found


Orientation Schedule Posted

18 July 2007
The tentative orientation and block 1 schedules have been posted on the myUT page. I've transferred them over to the wiki spaces by creating an orientation page under year 1, and also posting the schedules under handouts.

Link to Map of Toledo Added

10 July 2007
Minal made a nice google map of Toledo including apartments, restaurants, and other points of interest. The link has been added to the Housing page, or you can click here to view the map. Feel free to add locations by logging into google maps!

Tutorial, FAQ, Handouts, and Housing Pages Added

26 June 2007
The tutorial and FAQ from last year's wiki has been updated and transfered to this site. Also information from the MyUT orientation group has been transferred over, both handouts and housing information. I tried to organize the housing information into a table, which hopefully helps in your search for housing here in Toledo.

Welcome UT First Years!

18 June 2007
Welcome to the wiki page for the first year class at the University of Toledo College of Medicine. Feel free to use this space to introduce yourselves and as a collaborative study tool. Resources from previous years will be added as they become available. We've made it, and welcome to medical school!
-John Pham, MS1
PS: Here's the welcome sheet that you should have received with your orientation materials:
-Habib, MS2